The FAITH: Core Game box comes with everything you need to play for a group of up to four players. This is what you need to play FAITH:

●     Players, any number of them. One will play as the Game Master (GM) and the rest will be characters. While there is no actual limit to the number of players, it is best played with three to six. Remember, everyone should have the opportunity to shine and feel included: the bigger the group, the harder that is. If the group is too large, we recommend breaking it into two groups with two different GMs. The GMs could be running parallel stories and characters could move from one to the other. There are no real limits to what you can do while playing an RPG.

●     A player deck per player. It can be replaced by a poker deck, translating the suits to their respective meanings in FAITH (though it might not look as beautiful). The playing cards are used to resolve actions during the game.

●     One character board per player (the GM does not need one). As an alternative, you may also use a printed character sheet, like in many other RPGs. It is used to keep track of each player’s character.

Additionally, while not essential, the FAITH: Core Game contains some very useful additional resources:

●     A deck of gear cards that hold all the information about each piece of equipment. The players, with the of the GM, can make up their own gear to expand this deck, but it contains most of the basic equipment you might need.

●     A deck of non-player characters. Some NPCs will be friendly, others will be simple bystanders, and still others will want to talk to you, negotiate, and trade… but there are always a few that will want to fight you. This deck has all the information needed to fight some of these NPCs.

●     Assorted tokens, used to represent damage, ammunition, etc. These tokens allow players to focus on roleplaying, making the flow of gameplay smoother.

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