• Hi David.

    I feel bad having to write to you as the following has nothing to do with you and it is fans like you that give people the energy to continue creating new things. So apologies in advance, and please, bear with me.

    My name is Daniel Hodges and I am the writer of FAITH, however I am not the writer of the Faith which you have created the wiki for on the Fandom site (faithrpg).

    A little background: when this company launched a kickstarter with my game's name and in all caps back in 2015 I brought it to their attention that they were using my name. Their response was that they didn't know (I own, faithroleplaying, .com and my game is on numerous rpg lists where they also entered their game) was " We got legal advise from a relevant expert to go ahead. After all, the full name of the game is Faith: the Sci-fi RPG and that is not registered."

    I don't expect you to take this at face value, I clearly have a perspective that will differ to theirs, but if you'd like to read the reddit AMA it is here:

    Anyway, I am writing because the fandom team has asked me to see if you have a preference for the address that their game will be moved to? In my dreams it is but I am, as I said, biased.

    In any case, if you're happy to share you email address with me I will happily send you a .pdf of my game and perhaps it will encourage you to write an entry for that too.

    Thanks again, and sorry you're in the middle of this.

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    • Hey David, Kirkburn from Fandom Support here, checking to see if you're around.

      If we don't see a reply from you in the coming week or so, we will assume you are okay with the wiki being moved to avoid potential confusion around the brands. We'll try and make sure visitors can still find this wiki in future though!

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    • I just saw this, thanks for the action!

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    • A FANDOM user
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