The headquarters of the Dragonfly Tong are here in the Den, Gu Sector, Tiantang. The place was originally a spaceport, condemned after local authorities were revealed to have ignored every safety regulation to cut costs, which cost millions in property damage, including the lives of a trade ship full of passengers.

After the spaceport was abandoned, it became a gathering spot for vagrants and street gangs. That is, until the Dragonfly Tong appeared and took over.

The Dragonflies forcibly evicted area residents, and kept a constant threat over anyone trying to return to the area, until it was acknowledged as their exclusive territory. The Dragonflies have fortified their turf with improvised barricades and even a couple of stolen, military-grade, plasma turrets. They live there, hold their meetings there, take their booty and prisoners there, and use the spaceports huge landing strips for gyro-bike racing.

The law doesn't dare enter The Den, mostly because no Gu citizen can afford private law enforcement, and even if they could, nobody would be stupid enoug to incur the Dragonflies' wrath. And as the gang grows stronger and bolder with each successful robbery or raid, their stranglehold over the spaceport area increases. They have been overtaken a couple of wards and warehouses belonging to the Hwang mob. This has only worsened the violence in the area, which looks nowhere near ending soon.

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