The techno are created by the ravager queen to defend her other children from electronic attacks and to help neutralise Hacking threats before the bigger ravager come in to consume their victims. Extremely intelligent, they often act as the main links to the hive mind.

Level 1

A type of NPC.

Level 2

A type of NPC.

Species Traits

Neural Rig

The brain of a techno is very similar to an organic computer. It has LinkWave 50, Firewall 8 and plays 3 cards, and it counts as if it was cortex connected. Additionally, the Techno has one cortex connector Upgrade that does not use an Upgrade slot.

Neural Sacrifice

Activated. The techno can choose to receive two points of neural damage and gain one advantage towards a Hacking action.

Attribute Limits

The techno have very well developed brains, but their bodies are just a weak frame. Their Constitution and Agility Attributes are limited to a maximum value of 2.

Source Material

Technos were first introduced in the Core Set Deck.

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