The swarmer is a unique type of ravager. It is not actually a creature, but instead a group of hundreds of smaller creatures that bond together to form a collective mind. The creatures not capable of thinking by themselves, but together they create a formidable being that is capable of sacrificing parts of itself without hesitation, if the need arises.

Level 2

A type of NPC.

Level 3

A type of NPC.

Species Traits

Boit Swarm

Boits are small beings formed by just a few of the swarmer’s creatures. They die when they suffer any amount of physical damage, but they are immune to neural damage. They can move up to 100 metres away from the swarmer before dying.

Action. The swarmer enters a germinative state during which he will be unable to move, but is able to can spawn as many boits as his Constitution per turn. He suffers one point of physical damage per boit spawned. He can control as many of those boits as his Mind and if he leaves this state, any active boits will immediately die. The turn they are spawned they act after everyone else, and in subsequent rounds they act during the turn of the swarmer.


Physical 3 (0). Mental 4 (0).

Activated. Sacrifice itself to deal 2 points of physical damage ignoring up to 1 point of armour to everyone in a 3 metre radius.


Physical 3 (0). Mental 4 (2).

It can move flying up to 20 metres per turn, it can see in infrared and has an advantage for Searching actions.


Physical 3 (0). Mental 4(0).

Activated. Sacrifice itself when in physical contact with another character to have him recover 1 point of physical damage.


The swarmers discard one physical damage counter per turn. Additionally, they can perform an action to devour a dead character and discard three physical damage counters.

Attribute Limits

Being composed of many small creatures has its advantages, but coordination and speed are not among them. The Agility and Dexterity Attributes of a swarmer are limited to a maximum value of 2.

Source Material

Swarmers were introduced in the Core Set Deck.

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