Quanjie is the home planet of the Corvo. It is the place where they evolved and where the majority of corvo lived for nearly a millennium since the beginning of their space age. Deforestation and heavy mining has made Quanjie a poor place to live, with barren land and a weak atmosphere. The population has been greatly reduced and there has been a business exodus to Tiantang.

The only industries left on Quanjie are the exploitation of rare woods and raising large animals for meat that cannot be kept in Tiantang. Both trades are highly sought after in the Dyson ring. However, the population of Quanjie is far too large for its poor ecosystem and life is harsh for all but the richest of the inhabitants. Those who have enough money will often try to move to the Dyson ring to look for opportunities. 

Formally Constituted Government

The most powerful government on Quanjie is the Jiantian Republic, from whence the Wang Corporation originated. Other governments include Baizhi, the Lao Federation, and Yuelin.


The terrorist organisation QUAN (Quanji United Armed Nation) is considered a planetary-level threat.

This is being countered by the Corvo Secret Service, and the Secret Service Special Forces.

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