Setting up the Game

All players and the GM will have one deck of 54 playing cards each (four suits plus two jokers). These cards are used to change the odds during confrontations, allowing characters to perform heroic deeds or causing them to fail miserably.

At the beginning of the game, all players will give their joker cards to the GM, who will shuffle them into her own deck. This is the only instance when cards from different decks can be mixed. From this point on, each player must make sure to keep his cards separated from those of other players.

When they begin the first session, the players and the GM will shuffle their decks and draw seven cards. Upon drawing the starting hand, each player can perform a mulligan, drawing a new hand and shuffling the previous one back into his deck.


Confrontations are the core mechanic of the game. If an action has a chance of failure, it will likely be resolved through a confrontation. Confrontations are the only instance during which characters can play cards.

Drawing Cards

When a character plays a card, he is subject to drawing new cards from his deck to his hand. There are two instances when this can happen and if both of them occur simultaneously only the most beneficial takes place.


For other uses, see Affinity (Disambiguation).

Also known as "playing with ambience", if a character plays a card, and the suit matches the environment in which he is performing the action, he can immediately draw a card from his deck to his hand. This represents the character acting effectively in his environment, resulting in less exhaustion.

Additionally, each character has Affinity to a suit. When he plays a card that matches the ambience he is in and it is his Affinity, he draws two cards instead of one and keeps one of them in his hand. The other card must be put either back on top of the deck or the discard pile.


Whenever a character plays a card with a value equal to or less than the Skill he is using during a confrontation, he immediately draws a card. This represents that the character is very capable in this area and the low effort (corresponding to playing a low card) does not tire him out.

Beginning of a Scene

At the beginning of each scene, all players and the GM will keep their current hand of cards and draw back up to a total hand of seven cards.

Initiative Round

Whenever two or more characters wish to perform an action simultaneously or in close timing with each other, an initiative round takes place. Each initiative round represents the 3 to 5 seconds during which characters rapidly perform actions to try to outperform each other or to achieve their own goals.

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