One of Gu's best-organised Habitat Webs is, ironically, not built by locals or by any off-sector company. It's a neighbourhood built by, and for, Tiantang's growing Raag migrant community.

Mostly brought from their homeworld as extra hands for menial or violent jobs. Raag immigrants are spread throughout the Great Ring, but their largest concentration is in Little Heimis, or Raagtown.

Little Heimis was built around an unarmed ice fortress, one of the first to arrive to Tiantang independently, which was gradually turned into a stationary, massive boarding house. The ship's decks were turned into courtyards, and its imposing battlements into apartments. Then, other pieces of scattered debris were added and attached to the great structure, and Raagtown few until it rivalled Corvo Gyro-zhans in size.

Here, the Raag have built a society much like the one they had back home, with a strong matriarchal presence that takes care of politics, leadership and education while the males go out to hunt - except that Tiantang prey are not wild arctic creatures, but criminals, corporate debtors, and rival mercenaries. While Raagtowners come from all the Heimis clans, they live and behave like a single clan in Tiantang feeling more loyalty and kinship for their fellow Raagtowners than their former clan bonds.

Nearly 200,000 Raag make Little Heimis their home, though they work in countless different place and trades across Tiantang. Many Raag are getting used to nonviolent work, such as construction or piloting, but most of them take mercenary side jobs to avoid becoming soft - or losing their temper and crushing their supervisors' heads. Also a few Raag have questioned their gender roles, as the Tiantang economy does not require a male/female division of labour, but most Little Heimis residents still cling to their tradition, and those who don't like are free to go away.

Outsiders, even other Gu locals, are not welcome in Little Heimis, and many Corvo squatters have been violently evicted. The mobs have also tried to set up shop in Raagtown a couple of times, but always end up leaving the Raag alone after the first dozen dead enforcers. While forced to interact with Corvo when they leave Little Heimis, in their turf the Raag keep to themselves, and get all the supplies they need from the other ice fortresses. In short, Little Heimis belongs to the Raag, and they are free there.

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