The ironskin is a large ravager with enormous strength and an even greater resistance. An ironskin always has the Upgrades Nanoskin and Phagocyter and needs to spend the corresponding experience points to acquire them during character creation.

Level 2


Level 3


Species Traits

Iron Skin

An ironskin has a base armour value of 2 that cannot be reduced or ignored by any means.


A running action performed by an ironskin will be considered passive if it is not confronted. Additionally, if he performs a CQC action in the same turn, he will gain an advantage towards it.

Vicious Attacks

Ironskins deal 2 additional damage in CQC actions and always have one additional advantage towards CQC actions. Additionally, they gain another advantage when they perform grappling actions.

Attribute Limits

Ironskins are made for crushing enemies, but their strength comes at a cost in swiftness and intelligence. Their Agility, Mind and Link Attributes are limited to a maximum value of 2.

Source Material

The Ironskin was introduced in the Core Set Deck.

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