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Ravager Herald of Extintion Core Book

Ravager Herald of Extinction

The Heralds of Extinction are by and far the most dangerous creatures in a ravager swarm. They are impossibly fast and strong; their bodies can alter their structure almost instantly, allowing them to adapt to most situations and threats in a matter of seconds. We believe they act as the link between the queen and her proxies and spawns, thus allowing her to control the entire swarm. The more heralds the queen can keep under her control, the larger the swarm can become, but the queens must be careful when spawning too many heralds, as they will sometimes try to oppose the hivemind. When a queen dies or is unable to keep the heralds under control, the heralds will escape to start their own swarm or kill each other and the queen so that they may take her place. 

They are extremely intelligent and deceitful, and we have encountered several ravager fleets led by heralds (without any queen) that proved to be as difficult to deal with as those that were led by a queen, although they were considerably smaller in size. In spite of their great value to a fleet, the heralds can often be found in the vanguard of the ravager fleets, controlling everything and assisting where needed. While easy to spot, they have proven extremely hard to kill. When they enter battle, death follows.

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