Harvesters are a creature found in Ravager swarms.

The harvesters are the most rudimentary and numerous creatures in any swarm. They are expendable labourers that perform all the most simple tasks and make up the bulk of their armies. Fast and resilient, they make up in sheer numbers and blind obedience what they lack in wit and individual skills, making them perfect soldiers. Their wave emission pattern is the most simple among all ravager, and when they are not controlled by more intelligent ravager, they behave erratically and seem to act purely on instinct. When directed by other ravager, however, they become extremely dangerous, acting in a coordinated manner and without hesitation.

Level 1

An NPC from the Core Set Deck.

Level 2

An NPC from the Core Set Deck.

Source Material

Harvesters were introduced in the Core Set Deck.

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