The corporations have never bothered to organise Gu into districts and, save the rare gyro-zhan in some remote area that barely belongs to the secotr, every Gu 'district' is an informal residential neighbourhood, founded and maintained by struggling squatters.

Some of these squatters link their residences with tow cables or other machinery, resulting in joined, cohesive structures that sometimes grow large enough to rival other sectors' gyro-zhan districts.

These joined neighbourhoods are known as Habitat Webs, or simply Webs, and from a distances look as mechanic dandelion heads, or wireframe spheroids, made up of thousands of connected houses and makeshift buildings.

As the sector is mostly self-built, no two Gu houses look the same. Besides the hindrance of navigating such an ocean of industrial rubble, its near impossible to make out inhabited neighbourhoods from ghost towns, or the mob warehouses from from the actual floating scrap.

Locals, however, find their way just fine, be it by familiarity or intuition; it's just outsiders who should avoid the district, and they know it.

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