Erthum is an Iz'kal planet known for it's extreme climate.

Geography and Climte

For the most part, Erthum is a desert, and a dangerous one at that, as sandstorms are abundant and can last days, pinning down populations or travelers for long periods of time. In the poles, the temperatures are very low and almost lifeless, while the land in between the ice poles and the central deserts is a steppe containing no civilised population at all.


Cities in Erthum are built to be efficient and to maximise their productivity. The environment is so harsh that it requires them to be extra careful with their natural equilibrium. They are heavily investing in terraforming the planet to create diversity and to improve its atmosphere. This is a slow process as they must take all the different variables into consideration. Roothounds have been imported from Sulivar to regrow the wildwood, and they are now one of the most common animals found in the planet. They are very territorial, and only specialised personnel is allowed into the new forest areas to avoid incidents.

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