The game of FAITH is based around two main ideas:

●     Roleplaying is mostly based upon social interactions between the players. The personality and body of knowledge a character should not be imposed by rules, but by playing the role of that character.

We ask our players to get into the role of the person they have imagined because while it is harder to pretend to be another person than to use game mechanics to solve social interactions, we believe that it is far more interesting and fun. Getting better at it by playing is what keeps bringing us to the table to get into the skin of a space adventurer or a deviant hacker.

We have included a mechanic in the game to reward good roleplay. The Gods represent moral paths, and players who continuously roleplay following their chosen morality are rewarded with powers and glory. Players whose characters’ personalities are not consistent will not be able to access those special abilities.

●     Roleplaying should be a narrative experience where the characters usually perform all their actions successfully and the players will only need to stop to use the mechanics of the game when the possibility of failing is dramatically interesting.

For this reason most actions in this game are successful by default. Starting Skills with a value of 0 make characters more interesting by not allowing them to do everything well. While the GM’s job is to have characters fail some actions, they should only do it when it is dramatic and interesting. This creates a streamlined and cinematic gameplay in which the players will not be checking rules every time they decide to do something, and at the same time they must be careful whenever the GM decides to confront them.

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