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Suits are full-body wearable pieces of equipment. Each character can wear only one suit at a time unless specified otherwise. Most suits are normally tailored or adjusted to one character and, if the character is not used to it, putting a suit on or taking it off can take several minutes.

Some suits have an Agility modifier that indicates the advantages (+) or disadvantages (-) the wearer has when using his Agility.

If a suit is somehow destroyed or rendered useless, all its effects and characteristics will stop applying immediately, and the character will suffer one disadvantage towards all his Agility actions until he takes the suit off.


Suits are built to be very resourceful and they all share certain characteristics:

  • vacuum protection
  • limited oxygen supply and air filters
  • -20ºC to 50ºC thermal protection

Additionally, all suits have some inherent powered characteristics. These characteristics have their energy indicated on the front of the suit card.

  • small energy core with long autonomy
  • radio and network comms
  • directional lights in helmet and gloves
  • infrared visor

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