The Skills of a character represent his capabilities of a specific skillset. Skills range from 0 to 9. A character with a high value in a Skill is very capable in that area, and a character with a low value only has a rough knowledge of the subject. However, the biggest difference in Skill lies between the values 0 and 1. A character with a Skill of 0 has no clue about how to behave in actions related to that specific Skill.

Every action performed by a character relates to a Skill representing his knowledge in the related area. If a character cannot find an appropriate Skill that relates to an action, he is not familiar with it and it is considered that his Skill value for that action is 0.

Each Skill can be used for different things, and the Attribute that relates to it is not necessarily the same every time. Characters will have select the most fitting Skill and Attribute for each action.

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