Robots are very complex semi-autonomous pieces of equipment that can operate either using their partial AI softwares or when controlled by a technician. When a robot receives a command, it will do anything in its power to obey it until the task is completed or the robot is destroyed.

Robots play as NPCs under the control of characters, and may even be under the control of players.

The Structure (STR) value is the maximum physical damage a robot can withstand before it stops working. If a robot suffers as much physical damage as its STR it will be deactivated until it is repaired.


Robots are usually very well built and they all share many powered characteristics:

  • high definition camera, microphones and status sensors (all data is recorded and stored for one week)
  • directional light
  • radio and network comms
  • vacuum and atmospheric working capabilities


Drones move by flight, both within atmospheres and vacuums.


A Robot which has characteristics, shared with Ranged Weapons.

The issues with complete AI machines

For a long time, the ultimate Artificial Intelligence had been an unreacheable goal for engineers and scientists in all societies. Even though technology would allow both the Iz’kal and the Corvo to create it now, they don’t pursue the idea. The former suffered from AI control under the Korian, while the latter depend on wage labour to keep their consumer-based economy afloat and fear cortex connector vulnerability. Only partial AI engines are used today but no machine is completely autonomous, let alone self-aware.

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