Ranged weapons are weapons used in ranged combat, and they provide a means to attack targets from a distance. There are many different types of ranged weapons, but they are usually separated into two main types: and .

Projectile weapons have magazines, whereas electronic weapons have batteries and use electric energy to shoot. If the weapon has a magazine it needs to have to shoot; and if it has an energy value, it cannot shoot if it has as many ACS damage as that value.


A weapon’s effectiveness is related to the distance to its target.. Most weapons have two different ranges and a few specialist weapons have a third range.

Close Quarters

Close Quarters (CQ) range is up to 20 metres. The most common range indoors, inside spaceships or in dense urban areas.

Standard Distance

Standard Distance (SD) range is from 20 to 100 metres. The range most characters can see clearly without magnification.

Long Distance

Long Distance (LD) range is from 100 metres to 5 kilometres. The extended range of some sniper rifles. The weapon loses one point of damage and receives one disadvantage for every additional kilometre after the first.

Ammo & Mag

Weapons with magazine (mag) can load as many ammo tokens as its value from any combination of their compatible ammunition (ammo) types.

Standard Ammunition

The ammunition commonly used in firearms and EM railguns. Standard ammunition causes physical damage as specified in the weapon description.

Neural Ammunition

The ammunition used by neural weapons. The neural ammunition causes the neural damage as specified in the description of the weapon. Additionally, it ignores armour.

Plasma Ammunition

One of the most dangerous ammunitions known in the Universe. Plasma ammunition ignores up to 2 points of armour and causes physical damage as specified in the description of the weapon.

Adaptive Circuit Severance Ammunition

Adaptive Circuit Severance (ACS) ammunition causes ACS damage as specified in the description of the weapon to a robot or piece of gear.

Explosive Ammunition

Explosive ammunition causes physical damage as specified in the description of the weapon, up to one metre away from the point of impact and one less damage for every metre or fraction further.


Close Quarters Weapon

Close Quarters Weapons (CQWs) provids one extra advantage towards Shooting actions against targets within 10 metres.


Can be drawn without taking an action, if in arm’s reach.


Activated. Use to extend Standard Distance range to 300 metres, ignoring advantages provided by the weapon when shooting further than 100 metres away. Use to see in infrared.

Movement recognition

Activated. Use to gain one advantage when Shooting a moving target or a target attempting to dodge.


Action (Technical). Set it up or take it down. The weapon cannot be shot without setting up the bipod. While set up, it is fixed to the ground or a wall, only allowing the weapon to rotate 90º in each direction.

Assisted Aim

Activated. Use to extend range to 300 metres. Use to see in infrared. Use to aim at multiple targets within your sight at the same time.

Rapid fire

Activated. Use to hit additional targets within a 2 metre radius of the initial target with the same Shooting action. Suffer one disadvantage for each target after the first.

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