While there is no reason for the existence of life, life itself does not care. The problem arose when it gained consciousness and came to realise that its own existence was an accident. In its realisation of itself, a voice spoke from within. It told a truth - the only truth: life ought to create its own reason to be, lest it be consumed.

Some say there are as many Gods as there are minds, each God matching the being to whom they are connected. However, most people believe that there are only five Gods that take on many forms. Believers do not choose their God, nor do the Gods choose their believers. Instead, believers are linked to their Gods through their personalities. In FAITH, the Gods are not creators or allfathers. They are entities that surged from the collective conscience of beings that have found a similar reason to exist. The Gods came into existence at the very same time as their believers. Now, every new being that finds a reason to exist finds a similar God within him.

The Gods are powerful, but intangible; they exist only inside the minds of their believers, yet somehow they exist as a single entity in all of them. Gods have no body nor voice, nor do they have the capacity to affect the Universe directly. They can only do so through their believers, bestowing their gifts of power upon them, or taking those gifts away.

When two species meet in the vastness of space they know they will have at least one thing in common: they all have the same Gods.

Those who stay true to the path laid out before them by their God can expect great powers in exchange: abilities of a supernatural essence that defy reasoning or explanation. Throughout the centuries, different people from all species have studied the signs sent by the Gods and have written the commandments of each God accordingly.

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