The Attributes of a character represent his capability to act and ability to put effort into actions. Some actions might relate to more than one Attribute and other actions can relate to different Attributes in different situations. Players can argue which Attribute should be used for an action but the GM will always have the final word on such matters.

Attributes range from 1 to 3. Some effects can allow characters to improve Attributes even further, but an Attribute can never be reduced below 1. During gameplay, characters can play one card per round for each point they have in the Attribute they are using.

Whenever a character is confronted, he must explain his action and therefore choose which Attribute he will be using. While most of the time the right Attribute for the action is fairly clear, characters can always find ways to do things differently, if they are creative.

Mark wants to repair his broken drone. Sadly, during their last encounter with a Ravager, it took a hit and now it lays on the ground unresponsive.
The GM says it took a shotgun shot and it is filled with small pellets, so it will be a delicate work to remove them all. Mark’s Dexterity is 2 and his Technical Skill is 5, but the drone is extremely damaged and he fears that if he fails the GM will claim that the drone is broken for good.
Mark’s Mind is 3, so he says to the GM,
“I am going to take a different approach to picking the pellets one by one and fixing what is broken. I will study the situation and take notes on my pad, I want to figure out the entrance point of the pellets and the radius spread. Once I know that, I will then disassemble the drone and take my time to fix each part separately. I will know where each pellet went so I won’t have to mess around and risk breaking anything. I think this approach is more fitting to my Mind than my Dexterity, what do you think?”
The GM agrees and Mark can now try to fix the drone using Mind, his highest Attribute.

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